Our story so far:

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The Brand

Merckhtrade was launched in April 2015 in response to an opportunity to better serve and create a deeper lasting relationship with our founder’s current property leasing clients. Mr. Fernandez addressed the growing household needs that leasers of these residential units had, and began to deliver bathroom/kitchen tissues, paper towels, laundry, housekeeping, janitorial, and office supplies right to their doorsteps. In this way his clients could save money by only having to pay wholesale prices, and free up more time for other important household duties.
Over the years, Merckhtrade has also gradually reached out to several medium-sized companies, but we are still eternally dedicated to serving individual households, clinics, and small or budding businesses.
Our mission is to serve the underserved. We strive to delight the unsatisfied by offering the easiest way to order high quality household products. We deliver competitive priced products straight to your doorstep in a timely manner!

Contact Us

Mobile: 09228977849
Landline: (032) 3815794
E-mail: Contact Us

Mier Residence, Mactan Street
San Antonio Village, Apas, Cebu City

Business Hours:
Monday – Friday, 8am – 5:30pm; Saturday, 8am – 5:00pm


Our Team

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